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#235: Dr. Jen Harrison | Fostering a Successful Mindset

Dr. Jen Harrison is a stress & body-mind health expert, Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer, Success Mindset Coach, best selling author & speaker. She helps heart-centred entrepreneurs, natural health practitioners and professionals to: Effectively relieve stress & optimize their brainpower. Create an empowering success mindset. Manifest desired results in both their life and business. For more than 32 years while working in healthcare, Dr. Jen’s been studying the impact stress has on our body, mind and spirit. Like everyone, she’s experienced stress in both her personal and professional life. She’s had to deal with the sudden loss of family members, as well as navigating the ups and downs with a family member who had a chronic debilitating illness. Dr. Jen’s also experienced career and financial struggles, relationship stress and health issues. One year she experienced all of these things all at the same time! However, these life challenges have also inspired and motivated her to learn new and powerful ways to help overcome her own bodymind & spiritual obstacles. In turn, Dr. Jen loves sharing these techniques & insights through her online courses, books, speaking, as well as coaching. In addition to her online business, Dr. Jen currently maintains a part- time athletic therapy and chiropractic practice at a multi-disciplinary clinic. You can read more here - drjenniferharrison.com

#234: Alison, Craig & Richard | All Work No Play Book Launch

One of the best feelings I have ever had was yesterday when my brand new book, 'All Work No Play', went live in book stores worldwide. This has been a bucket list dream for the past three years. With some hard work, we have created a book that will hopefully bring some much-needed joy, fun and connection to the world. I am extremely grateful for Wiley publishing, Tarah Miller, my fabulous editor and the three superstars in Prof. Alison James, Richard Cheetham MBE and Dr Craig Daly for the research and stories they have added to the book. Order - All Work No Play - https://www.bookdepository.com/All-Work-No-Play-Dale-Sidebottom/9780730391623 Or search All Work No Play by Dale Sidebottom on Google, and your countries best option will be available. Find more moments of joy and happiness daily. Play is a simple way to be present in the moment. When you are truly present, stress and worry melts away, making you more mindful and connected. We all know this is good for us, but when was the last time you actually played? Packed full of games, exercises and fully backed by science, All Work No Play shows how to use play-based mindfulness to build healthy relationships, improve your mental health, and live a better life. Inside, Dale introduces you to the Daily PEGG, a framework consisting of Play, Exercise, Gratitude and Giving that will ground your mindset and have a profound impact on your life and the lives of those around you. These tools can be used by anyone, as an individual goal, as a family challenge, or to connect teams and workplaces. No matter where you are in life, All Work No Play is your guide to bringing more fun and fulfilment into your day. Dale Sidebottom is the creator and founder of Energetic Education and Jugar Life, a movement that helps people bring play back into their lives. A top-rated podcaster and popular TEDx speaker, Dale empowers individuals to move and learn in a fun way.

#233: Emily Lehmann | Addiction, Recovery & Self-Discovery

Emily has a candid conversation with me this week about mental health, addiction recovery, self-development, wellness and spirituality. She discusses how they have influenced her unique recovery journey. Inspired by her own wellness journey, Emily’s mission is to annihilate the stigma around addiction, to provide listeners with the tools, guidance and motivation to help them navigate through their recovery and personal growth one day at a time. Emily has a brand new podcast launching next week called In Lehmann's Terms Podcast. You can check it out here - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/in-lehmanns-terms/id1557071173?i=1000511891191

#232: Dave Scatchard | Awaken the Champion Within

Today's guest Dave Scatchard played 659 NHL Games over 14 years in the pros. He played with 6 Teams Vancouver Canucks, NY Islanders, Boston Bruins, Phoenix Coyotes, Nashville Predators, St. Louis Blues. Since retiring from a 5th sickening concussion, Dave has trained as a Peak Performance Coach, International Speaker & Author. With the guidance of top coaches, healers, and energy workers worldwide, Dave transformed himself and developed the Dave Scatchard Peak Performance Coaching program. A systematic approach for both businesses and individuals to redesign their lives and operating systems and live a healthier, brighter future with all of the abundances that go along with living The Big Life. Dave now lives in Arizona with his wife, three kids and their two dogs. Click on the link to join Dave's FREE seven-day challenge - https://www.allstarcoaching.com/.

#231: Rob McLeod | Six Guinness World Records

“Frisbee Rob” McLeod is a motivational speaker and frisbee ambassador in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has been to more than 400 schools and taught frisbee to more than 130,000 students throughout 5,000 workshops. He has 6 Guinness World Records, 13 World Championships, and the Canadian Distance Record. Rob has been playing ultimate frisbee for 20 years and disc golf for 10 years and has been sponsored by Innova Discs as an Ambassador for the past 5 years. Rob is on the Education Committee with the Canadian Disc Golf Association (CDGA), a board member and Chair of the Overall Committee with the World Flying Disc Association (WFDF), a member of the Spirit of the Game Committee with Ultimate Canada and is actively working with clubs and volunteers all over Alberta and Canada to help grow the sport, get frisbee into schools, run clinics and workshops to introduce new players to the game, and help more experienced players take their games to the next level.

#230: Dr Dawson Church | The Blissful Brain

Dawson Church, PhD, is an award-winning science writer with three best-selling books to his credit. The Genie in Your Genes (YourGeniusGene.com) was the first book to demonstrate that emotions drive gene expression. Mind to Matter, (MindToMatter.com) showed that the brain creates much of what we think of as “objective reality.” Bliss Brain (BlissBrain.com) demonstrates that peak mental states rapidly remodel the brain for happiness. Dawson has conducted dozens of clinical trials and founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare (NIIH.org) to promote groundbreaking new treatments. Its largest program, the Veterans Stress Project, has offered free treatment to over 20,000 veterans with PTSD over the past decade. Dawson shares how to apply these health and performance breakthroughs through EFT Universe (EFTUniverse.com), one of the largest alternative medicine sites on the web.

#229: John Davis | The Corporate Action Hero

What can a comedy sword-fighting stuntman do for me? (Bet you've never asked yourself that before.) John's Background as a Stuntman, Fight Director, College Professor, Artistic Director, and Comedian makes him an intriguing guest that draws your audience in and delivers real-world techniques for overcoming self-imposed limitations and achieving maximum potential even in times of adversity. After a serious back injury that left him paralyzed, John developed his "5F" system of achievement. The system hacks the fight or flight response, shortening learning curves and increasing successful outcomes. Using the system, he went on to perform over 4000 live comedy sword-fighting shows in 16 countries around the world. On six USO tours, John took his show to Iraq and Afghanistan's front lines from 2001-2006. John now is a highly sought after keynote speaker known as The Corporate Action Hero. He delivers empowering programs to organizations globally. His programs are unique, out of the box, and use bullwhips and nunchucks to deliver his message. His website is www.corporateactionhero.com.

#228: Bon Collins | A Tale of Triumph & Tragedy

Today Im am beyond excited to share Bon Collins inspirational tale that not only allows you to take stock of the great things we have in life but life-affirming as we can then learn from ourselves to become better.” Bon’s story will make you laugh, make you cry and make you want to go out and live the best of life from the minute you hear it. From a childhood, most could only imagine in their nightmares to the triumphs and tribulations of coping with the real world, infertility, chronic disease and health and fitness. She has always been clear not to be defined by her life experiences. And asking anyone to describe her, you know she’s achieved that in spades. Having taken stock of her past experiences, Bon now uses her time to inspire others never to give up and find the strength they didn’t know they had. You can contact Bon on the following places below: https://www.instagram.com/bemorebon/ https://neon.link/bemorebon

#227: Dr Craig Daly & Dale Sidebottom | JAG Bag Launch

Today is an exhilarating day as it marks three years since Dr Craig Daly and I started talking about putting together a challenge to help children and adults worldwide. This is completely free for everyone and labour of love to improve the globes happiness and mental health. Below you can read out what's involved in the free packs and click on the link at the end of the show notes to gain access to the JAG BAG Packs from Jugar Life. With approximately half of all mental disorders commencing before the age of 14, school settings play a crucial role in ensuring that mental health and well-being are constant focus points during a student’s formative years. Research over the past 20 years has suggested that comprehensive initiatives embracing a 'whole of school' approach (involving school leaders, teachers, staff, and parents) have fostered a climate where better transitions from childhood to adulthood occur. However, overall, student mental health appears to be on the decline, with an estimated one in every five adolescents suffering from a significant mental health disorder. Of additional concern is that, sadly, most instances go undetected and untreated. Early research outputs since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic estimate incidences of adolescent anxiety, depression, and stress have risen significantly. Students worldwide struggle to deal with the loneliness, social isolation, and negativity brought on by continued uncertainty. At JUGAR|LIFE, we want to do our part to remedy that. JAG, as an acronym, stands for joy, affection, and gratitude. These elements exist as core components of social and emotional wellbeing. We challenged ourselves to design an initiative that prioritised these components irrespective of school setting; an initiative that was comprehensive in nature, flexible in delivery, and aligned with specific learning objectives drawn from global social and emotional wellness curricula. We made it our mission to make it available free of charge to all. The JAG Bag is the result. Click on this link to check out the JAG BAG and start enjoying today for FREE - https://www.jugar.life/jugar-life-jag-bag/

#226: Paul Higgins | Build Live Give

Paul Higgins is a High Performing Business Mentor, podcaster, and published author who helps 7 Figure Business Owners with Sales & Teams so they can BUILD LIVE & GIVE. Paul has 27 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, finishing up an 18-year gig at The Coca-Cola Company as a Director.  In 2011 he left to manage his health.  Paul has founded three businesses with a successful exit in 2019. He also had a successful transplant from his best mate in 2019. With his newfound energy, he loves to mentor business owners, spend time with his teenage children, and play golf. https://www.buildlivegive.com/

#225: Richard Bowles | Five Time World Adventure Record Breaker

Richard Bowles is the founder of Adventure Alchemy, and five-time world record-breaking Australian adventurer. He’s also a multi-disciplined educator, executive advisor and top 20 rated APAC speaker. His risky adventure experiences and unique research have enabled him to accelerate his clients’ performance and organisational progress. His work features in international media including CNN and Sky News and the Today Show. His extraordinary story starts from modest beginnings; he failed school, worked in construction, retail, drove a truck, made cold calls all before competitively growing a successful sales leadership career. From there he co-pioneered a global sponsorship consultancy and established a national annual convention which saw over a thousand delegates attend from all around the world. Bowles has dedicated his life to exploring how success can arise from within chaos. His miraculous accomplishments, which include surviving volcano eruptions, crocodile-infested rivers and missile fire, have given him a unique perspective on how businesses can succeed even when the odds are stacked against them. Whilst it’s unlikely that your business is facing the threat of molten lava or ferocious animals, Bowles’ expertise helps companies thrive in the face of adversity. Adventure Alchemy has gained global recognition from our world-record-setting adventures and picked up several awards. What they are most proud of, however, is the way they’re helping international organisations and their people thrive in the new era of work, using their unique insight, backed by neuroscience and psychology, with their entertaining and transformative programmes. https://www.adventure-alchemy.com.au/

#224: Tommy Berrabe | Fostering Peak Performance

Health is wealth, and who better to have on the podcast to talk about this then peak performance coach and trainer Tommy Berrabe. In today's episode, Tommy shares his top tricks for maintaining good gut health, as well as ways to remove brain fog, fatigue and improving your mood.  You can reach out to Tommy on his social links below: https://www.facebook.com/tommy.berrabe https://www.instagram.com/tommy_b_fitness

#223: Tim Davis | TRIPOLAR: The Bipolar Triathlete

Tim Davis is the author of TRIPOLAR: The Story of a Bipolar Triathlete, which chronicles his journey from childhood trauma into multiple addictions until finally recovering and discovering triathlons and ultrarunning as important tools to help him stay sober and in recovery. He is a high school science teacher and coach in Los Angeles, CA. He’s happily married with 3 amazing children. He has been competing and coaching in triathlons and endurance races for over two decades. He has completed 12 Ironman triathlons, seven 100-mile endurances runs, 1 double-ironman triathlon, and several 24-hour races. He is a strong and proud advocate for mental health awareness & physical fitness, and the connection between the mind, body, & soul. You can follow Tim on his website at www.ultratimdavis.com And on the following social media: Instagram: tripolar_tim Facebook: ultratimdavis1 Twitter: ultratimdavis1 LinkedIn: tim-davis-94102534

#222: Thane Marcus Ringler | Unlocking Energy & Optimising Your Full Potential

Thane Marcus Ringler is a former professional golfer turned speaker, writer, and development coach living in Denver, CO with his wife, Evan. In his current work, Thane's mission is to help others live and work better. He is passionate about speaking to the journey from the journey and is striving to empower this generation to take ownership of their lives and never settle for less than they are capable of. Thane is also the host of The Up & Comers Show, a podcast all about the process of becoming and living with intentionality while sharing stories from other inspiring up and comers along the way. To find more on Thane and his work, visit: ThaneMarcus.com

#221: Terry McDougall | Winning On Your Own Terms

Terry Boyle McDougall is a Career Coach and CEO of Terry B. McDougall Coaching. She helps high-achieving professionals remove obstacles that keep them stuck so they can enjoy more success and satisfaction in their lives and careers. Before becoming a coach, Terry was a long-time corporate marketing executive where she led teams, developed strategies and advised senior leaders to drive business results. She is the author of Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms. - Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/terrybmcdougall - Website: www.terrybmcdougall.com - Book: www.tinyurl.com/gameofworkbook

#220: Damian Murdoch | Taking Charge of Anxiety

Today's guest as an absolute superstar, helping people with anxiety in these testing times we correctly live in. This is the second time Damian has been on the podcast. To listen to his story, and how he got to where he is now, you can listen back to episode #154 (The link for this episode is in the links below). I have asked Damian back on the show to talk to everyone on ways people can manage and live with anxiety in these uncertain times we are in around the world. https://worldclassfriend.com/ https://www.facebook.com/takingchargeofanxiety/ Episode #154 - https://energetic.education/154-damian-murdoch-changing-your-emotional-state/

#219: Daniel Levin | The Hitchhiking Rabbi Monk

Daniel Levin walked away from an opportunity to run a billion-dollar business, to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner peace. He studied in a seminary five years and left one day before becoming a Rabbi and he has lived as a Monk in a monastery for 10 years. As Director of Business Development, he grew Hay House from $3,000,000 a year in sales to $100,000,000 a year in revenue. Levin is a rare blend of businessman and mystic who sees what others do not see. It has been this one quality more than any other that has thrown him into some of the most exclusive boardrooms to help companies innovate new ways of finding solutions when the old ways stop working. He is the author of The Mosaic, a life-changing fable that invites people to listen to those others do not hear and to see the situations in their life differently. To learn more about Daniel Levin, please go to www.DanielBruceLevin.com

#218: Melo Calarco | Reflect, Rebuild & Refocus for the New Year

What better way to kick off the year, with Mr Calm himself, my good mate Melo Calarco. If you would like to hear Melo's story and all the incredible work he does, please listen to episode #184 that we did last year together. Today's podcast is all about the three Rs, for setting up your year to be everything you dreamt of. Melo talks about reflecting, rebuilding and refocusing in today's awesome podcast. Episode #184 - https://energetic.education/184-melo-calarco-the-mindful-mover/ Melo Calarco Website- https://melocalarco.com/ FREE COVID-19 Support Package- https://melocalarco.teachable.com/p/mindfulness-support-package-covid-19 Book in a FREE Chat with Melo - https://calendly.com/melo-1 Melo's Linkedin Profile- https://www.linkedin.com/in/melo-calarco/

#217: Dale Sidebottom | Lets Get Ready to Rumble 2021

Let's kick start the year, with Dale, as he talks about the year that was and what's coming up for an epic 2021 on the podcast. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to today’s episode. If you have any feedback, comments or advice for upcoming episodes, please feel free to reach out to me on the social links below. https://www.instagram.com/dalesidebottom/ Twitter @dalesidebottom dale@energetic.education

#216: Sean Bell | 50 Marathons in 50 days

At the age of just 23 years old, today's guest Sean Bell is one seriously inspiring human. Sean is the runner of Run for Wishes and an ASICS Australia Sound Mind Sound Body ambassador. Sean believes his purpose is to inspire others to chase their dreams now and do more of the things that make them happy. On February 22, 2019, Sean became the youngest person in the world to run 50 Marathons in 50 Days. That's an incredible 2,110 kilometres all up to honour the passing of his close friend & to make a difference. If that doesn't impress you, in 2022 Sean will be taking off and aiming to become the youngest ever Australian to run 14,000km around Australia. Sean is aiming to finish the run around Australia in around eight months averaging close to 60km's per day to make the wishes of disadvantaged children come true. If Sean has inspired you in today's chat, please check out his website below and donate to 'run for wishes'. https://www.seanbellrunforwishes.com/

#215: Layne Beachley AO. | Seven Time World Champion

If you are looking for inspiration, you can't go past today's guest Layne Beachley AO. In episode 215, I talk to Layne about her incredible career, the highs and lows and the lessons she has learnt over the years in and out of the surf. The thing that I loved most about this podcast with Layne is how down to earth and relatable she is for people of all ages. Layne has recently launched the "Awaken Academy' which I absolutely love as well. The title really sums it up perfectly, the No Bullsh*t Transformation. The course is unlike any other online course. Why? Because you are learning from a 7-time world champion surfer who has failed brilliantly and continues to win at life. Here is your code word 'Awake10' that Layne has generously created so you can receive 10% off her brand new course. Check it out on the link below. Thanks so much for your time, energy and passion in this interview Layne. awakeacademy.com.au

#214: Kyle Wood | What Does Success Actually Look Like?

What does success look, sound or feel like? This is a question that Kyle Wood my good mate, and I have been chatting about for a while. Kyle is one of the smartest business owners I know and also is now a great friend of mine. In 2016 I reached out to Kyle through email with a crazy idea that we could meet up and create a podcast together. I had followed Kyle's work online for years, and really admired what he had been able to create, and the impact it was having globally. Since that first email in 2016, we have formed a great bond and also a cracking podcast called 'Lead Your Tribe'. Just like this weekly podcast, Kyle and I release a weekly episode for anyone who wants to build a business, tribe or following. Last weeks episode was so powerful that I had to share it here today. The reason it was so powerful is that 2020 has allowed us to change goals, ideas and the vision for the future. With this, I feel this means what we class as being successful has changed as well. Join Kyle and myself as we dive into this huge topic on today's podcast. You can also watch this podcast here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7ZW00sHmhM If you would like to check out our 'Lead Your Tribe' podcast you can do so here - https://leadyourtribe.co/

#213: Dr Andrew Leech | Supporting Families To Thrive

Welcome to episode #213 with Dr Andrew Leech. Andrew believes every child deserves comprehensive, quality healthcare starting at the local GP. Children’s health is evolving, and the role of the GP is more significant than ever, supporting families on their journey, walking with them, understanding their needs, finding the right pathway. The complexity of children’s needs has expanded beyond the simple day to day problems. As we learn more about the effects of a child’s early development and influences, we have come to realise we can do so much to make a difference. We can intervene earlier; we can change the trajectory of that child’s entire life. Andrew considers himself a kids GP and feels his calling or purpose in life is focused in this direction. Andrew works as an ‘everyday GP’, but his interests have become more focused on improving health and mental health outcomes for children and their caregivers. Following graduation from medical school at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, Andrew has achieved the FRACGP and completed further studies with the child health diploma. Andrew continues to advise both the RACGP and now also Emerging Minds as part of their course development. Andrew is also the host of the very insightful 'The Kids Healthy Network Podcast'. https://www.drandrewleech.com/ https://www.drandrewleech.com/podcasts

#212: How Storytelling Has Helped My Mental Health & Happiness In 2020

As the sideshow of 2020 keeps delivering in some many strange ways, I wanted to share some tips, story and messages that have helped me when I'm down and struggle with everything we are facing. I don't have all of the answers, but I have found that listening to peoples personal stories has really helped me at certain times. Join me this week as I reflect and share these messages in a heartfelt podcast. In this episode, I will talk about a fantastic book by Eddie Jaku that has helped me with perspective vs reality, as well as previous podcasts and guests I have had on the show. They are listed below: #206: Wayne Schwass | PukaUp #150: Kevin Sidebottom | A lifetime of emotions & one compelling story #146: Rocky Biasi | Fundamentals for good mental health & wellbeing #131: Andy Hair | Open & honest like never before #92: Outside the locker room with Jake Edwards Thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to today’s episode. If you have any feedback, comments or advice for upcoming episodes, please feel free to reach out to me on the social links below. https://www.instagram.com/dalesidebottom/ Twitter @dalesidebottom dale@energetic.education

#211: Ryan Sidebottom | Professional Sport in 2020

This week I am delighted to have not only one of the best people I know back on the show but also my cousin and someone I am incredibly proud of. Ryan Sidebottom is a professional cricketer in the UK and plays for Warwickshire Cricket Club. This is the second time I have had Ryan on the show. If you would like to listen to his upbringing and his story from growing up in Victoria, Australia, to now playing first-class cricket in the UK, you can listen to episode 80 of the podcast. With the world changing in all professions this year due to COVID19, I thought it would be fantastic to share what that has been like through the eyes of a full-time professional sportsperson. As well as talking about the highs and lows that have made up 2020 for Ryan, we will also have a laugh and a lot of fun in this weeks episode.

#210: Heidi Gaspar | How Play Therapy Can Help Us All

Stemming from her interest in psychology, spirituality and creativity, Heidi was drawn to explore her own story through art-making. She was moved deeply by the power of the work which spoke for itself, holding much insight and wisdom. Heidi has worked as a Creative Arts Therapist and Psychotherapist for over ten years, helping people to find inner peace and happiness. She assists clients of all ages to connect to their dreams and passion, to find contentment and inner-happiness, leading to a happier, more joyful life. Prior to this, she worked as a branding consultant in advertising. From her earliest memories, creativity and playfulness have always been of great importance to her. With these tools, she now helps clients heal interpersonal trauma, nurture relationships, develop self-understanding, learn new coping strategies and improve communication skills from a position of greater self-awareness and intentionality. Heidi has a MA in Counselling from LaTrobe University and BA Psychology from Swinburne University and works with individuals, couples, parents and families at Heart Expression Creative Arts Therapy and Moving Mindsets Psychology Clinic. Heidi has practised meditation for over 20 years and loves playing LEGO with her boys, dancing and practising yoga. Prior to Covid-19, she enjoyed travelling the world with her husband and two young boys and hopes to do so again one day. www.heartexpression.com.au https://www.movingmindsets.com.au/heidi-gaspar/ https://www.facebook.com/heartexpressioncat

#209: Bianca Chatfield | Empowering Us All To Thrive

I am extremely excited to share this week's superstar guest, Bianca Chatfield with you all. After taking the sporting world by storm, Gold medal-winning netballer Bianca Chatfield's journey from professional athlete to leading media personality and business owner is indicative of her vivacious nature, dedication and professionalism across all fields. ​ Following her debut as an 18-year-old for the Australian Diamonds netball team, Bianca quickly established a name for herself as one of the toughest defenders in the sport. During her time on the netball court, Bianca endured some tough times but also enjoyed great success; winning both gold and silver medals at the Commonwealth Games alongside a host of premiership victories and awards. A celebrated athlete and excellent communicator, Bianca fast became one of the prominent voices in Australian netball. Since her retirement from the sport in 2015, Bianca has continued to focus on her growing media presence, pursuing numerous exciting opportunities across television and radio. Bianca’s passion and advocacy for empowering women and girls led her to write her first book, Game On which expanded into the online mentor program, The Ignition Project. This personal project seeks to empower women to identify their passion, understand self-leadership and enable them to get the best out of themselves – across all aspects of life. These days you will find Bianca in various media and leadership roles. She regularly features on House of Wellness (Ch7), hosts Women’s Footy (ch9), commentates the Netball (ch9) and Softball as well as talking sport on Offsiders (ABC). ​ Possessing a wealth of knowledge and expertise across multiple fields, Bianca is a sought-after, keynote speaker and facilitator, focusing on the leadership of teams and leading yourself. ​ In 2018 Bianca took a leap of faith out of the sporting world and into reality tv with her friend and former teammate Carla, they teamed up as a dynamic duo on The Block, showcasing their impressive home renovating skills building an apartment in The Gatwick, St.Kilda. ​ https://www.biancachatfield.com/

#208: Aiden Blizzard | World Wide Master Blaster

This week I have an absolute beauty for you all. Aiden Blizzard was mostly known for his massive hitting of a cricket ball around the world, but its the journey and the lessons he has learnt along the way that has shaped the legend that is he today. This episode shows what resilience and determination really look like. Aiden's career has seen him hitting sixes all over the globe. He has played for The Adelaide Strikers, Canterbury, Hobart Hurricanes, Marylebone Cricket Club, Mumbai Indians, Rajshahi Division, South Australia, Sydney Thunder, Tasmania, Victoria and the Might Shepparton Youth Club. This episode is a lot of fun, as well as insightful with Aiden sharing several storeys and lessons that will help everyone as we navigate through a testing 2020. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did in interviewing Aiden. Aiden's HUGE six at the WACA - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRVAJQ2R284 Aiden on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/aidenblizzard/

#207: Rik Rushton | The Power of Connection

Another week, and yes that's right, another world-class guest. I am so excited to share this incredibly insightful and engaging podcast with master communication coach Rik Rushton. We all know that success means different things to different people. But no matter whether you're looking for a new level of success as a business person, a parent or a partner in a relationship, the quality of your life will be directly linked to the quality of your relationships. And whilst it is easy to 'connect' with people who are just like you, there is so much power gained from connecting with people who are directly opposite to you! Best-selling Author, Rik Rushton shares a simple communication framework to help you to connect with all personalities by simply "Tuning-in" to others before you broadcast, allowing you to connect on a deeper level. He is the Best Selling Author of "The Power of Connection" (How to become a master communicator in your workplace, your headspace and at your place). He is a Peak Performance Coach, Speaker on communication and a recognised authority on building growth cultures in elite business and sports organisations. https://rikrushton.com/ TEDx - https://youtu.be/VtYSFfgSfco

#206: Wayne Schwass | PukaUp

Wayne Schwass is a respected AFL and VFL legend playing 282 games with North Melbourne and the Sydney Swans Football Clubs. In 2006, he announced he had suffered depression for more than ten of his fourteen-year playing career. Since his retirement in 2002 has become one of the country's leading mental health advocates culminating in the creation of his new social enterprise, PukaUp "Pukka" is a Hindi word which means authentic and genuine. Having authentic and honest conversations about mental health and emotional well-being helps to normalise these types of conditions, and that's precisely what we do in this weeks chat. Wayne is passionately committed to the issues of suicide prevention, mental health, emotional wellbeing and normalising these important conversations. He believes in the value and benefits of creating authentic and genuine conversations about mental health, emotional wellbeing and suicide prevention and making them available to every person living in Australia. https://www.pukaup.com/

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