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#212: How Storytelling Has Helped My Mental Health & Happiness In 2020

As the sideshow of 2020 keeps delivering in some many strange ways, I wanted to share some tips, story and messages that have helped me when I'm down and struggle with everything we are facing. I don't have all of the answers, but I have found that listening to peoples personal stories has really helped me at certain times. Join me this week as I reflect and share these messages in a heartfelt podcast. In this episode, I will talk about a fantastic book by Eddie Jaku that has helped me with perspective vs reality, as well as previous podcasts and guests I have had on the show. They are listed below: #206: Wayne Schwass | PukaUp #150: Kevin Sidebottom | A lifetime of emotions & one compelling story #146: Rocky Biasi | Fundamentals for good mental health & wellbeing #131: Andy Hair | Open & honest like never before #92: Outside the locker room with Jake Edwards Thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to today’s episode. If you have any feedback, comments or advice for upcoming episodes, please feel free to reach out to me on the social links below. https://www.instagram.com/dalesidebottom/ Twitter @dalesidebottom dale@energetic.education

#211: Ryan Sidebottom | Professional Sport in 2020

This week I am delighted to have not only one of the best people I know back on the show but also my cousin and someone I am incredibly proud of. Ryan Sidebottom is a professional cricketer in the UK and plays for Warwickshire Cricket Club. This is the second time I have had Ryan on the show. If you would like to listen to his upbringing and his story from growing up in Victoria, Australia, to now playing first-class cricket in the UK, you can listen to episode 80 of the podcast. With the world changing in all professions this year due to COVID19, I thought it would be fantastic to share what that has been like through the eyes of a full-time professional sportsperson. As well as talking about the highs and lows that have made up 2020 for Ryan, we will also have a laugh and a lot of fun in this weeks episode.

#210: Heidi Gaspar | How Play Therapy Can Help Us All

Stemming from her interest in psychology, spirituality and creativity, Heidi was drawn to explore her own story through art-making. She was moved deeply by the power of the work which spoke for itself, holding much insight and wisdom. Heidi has worked as a Creative Arts Therapist and Psychotherapist for over ten years, helping people to find inner peace and happiness. She assists clients of all ages to connect to their dreams and passion, to find contentment and inner-happiness, leading to a happier, more joyful life. Prior to this, she worked as a branding consultant in advertising. From her earliest memories, creativity and playfulness have always been of great importance to her. With these tools, she now helps clients heal interpersonal trauma, nurture relationships, develop self-understanding, learn new coping strategies and improve communication skills from a position of greater self-awareness and intentionality. Heidi has a MA in Counselling from LaTrobe University and BA Psychology from Swinburne University and works with individuals, couples, parents and families at Heart Expression Creative Arts Therapy and Moving Mindsets Psychology Clinic. Heidi has practised meditation for over 20 years and loves playing LEGO with her boys, dancing and practising yoga. Prior to Covid-19, she enjoyed travelling the world with her husband and two young boys and hopes to do so again one day. www.heartexpression.com.au https://www.movingmindsets.com.au/heidi-gaspar/ https://www.facebook.com/heartexpressioncat

#209: Bianca Chatfield | Empowering Us All To Thrive

I am extremely excited to share this week's superstar guest, Bianca Chatfield with you all. After taking the sporting world by storm, Gold medal-winning netballer Bianca Chatfield's journey from professional athlete to leading media personality and business owner is indicative of her vivacious nature, dedication and professionalism across all fields. ​ Following her debut as an 18-year-old for the Australian Diamonds netball team, Bianca quickly established a name for herself as one of the toughest defenders in the sport. During her time on the netball court, Bianca endured some tough times but also enjoyed great success; winning both gold and silver medals at the Commonwealth Games alongside a host of premiership victories and awards. A celebrated athlete and excellent communicator, Bianca fast became one of the prominent voices in Australian netball. Since her retirement from the sport in 2015, Bianca has continued to focus on her growing media presence, pursuing numerous exciting opportunities across television and radio. Bianca’s passion and advocacy for empowering women and girls led her to write her first book, Game On which expanded into the online mentor program, The Ignition Project. This personal project seeks to empower women to identify their passion, understand self-leadership and enable them to get the best out of themselves – across all aspects of life. These days you will find Bianca in various media and leadership roles. She regularly features on House of Wellness (Ch7), hosts Women’s Footy (ch9), commentates the Netball (ch9) and Softball as well as talking sport on Offsiders (ABC). ​ Possessing a wealth of knowledge and expertise across multiple fields, Bianca is a sought-after, keynote speaker and facilitator, focusing on the leadership of teams and leading yourself. ​ In 2018 Bianca took a leap of faith out of the sporting world and into reality tv with her friend and former teammate Carla, they teamed up as a dynamic duo on The Block, showcasing their impressive home renovating skills building an apartment in The Gatwick, St.Kilda. ​ https://www.biancachatfield.com/

#208: Aiden Blizzard | World Wide Master Blaster

This week I have an absolute beauty for you all. Aiden Blizzard was mostly known for his massive hitting of a cricket ball around the world, but its the journey and the lessons he has learnt along the way that has shaped the legend that is he today. This episode shows what resilience and determination really look like. Aiden's career has seen him hitting sixes all over the globe. He has played for The Adelaide Strikers, Canterbury, Hobart Hurricanes, Marylebone Cricket Club, Mumbai Indians, Rajshahi Division, South Australia, Sydney Thunder, Tasmania, Victoria and the Might Shepparton Youth Club. This episode is a lot of fun, as well as insightful with Aiden sharing several storeys and lessons that will help everyone as we navigate through a testing 2020. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did in interviewing Aiden. Aiden's HUGE six at the WACA - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRVAJQ2R284 Aiden on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/aidenblizzard/

#207: Rik Rushton | The Power of Connection

Another week, and yes that's right, another world-class guest. I am so excited to share this incredibly insightful and engaging podcast with master communication coach Rik Rushton. We all know that success means different things to different people. But no matter whether you're looking for a new level of success as a business person, a parent or a partner in a relationship, the quality of your life will be directly linked to the quality of your relationships. And whilst it is easy to 'connect' with people who are just like you, there is so much power gained from connecting with people who are directly opposite to you! Best-selling Author, Rik Rushton shares a simple communication framework to help you to connect with all personalities by simply "Tuning-in" to others before you broadcast, allowing you to connect on a deeper level. He is the Best Selling Author of "The Power of Connection" (How to become a master communicator in your workplace, your headspace and at your place). He is a Peak Performance Coach, Speaker on communication and a recognised authority on building growth cultures in elite business and sports organisations. https://rikrushton.com/ TEDx - https://youtu.be/VtYSFfgSfco

#206: Wayne Schwass | PukaUp

Wayne Schwass is a respected AFL and VFL legend playing 282 games with North Melbourne and the Sydney Swans Football Clubs. In 2006, he announced he had suffered depression for more than ten of his fourteen-year playing career. Since his retirement in 2002 has become one of the country's leading mental health advocates culminating in the creation of his new social enterprise, PukaUp "Pukka" is a Hindi word which means authentic and genuine. Having authentic and honest conversations about mental health and emotional well-being helps to normalise these types of conditions, and that's precisely what we do in this weeks chat. Wayne is passionately committed to the issues of suicide prevention, mental health, emotional wellbeing and normalising these important conversations. He believes in the value and benefits of creating authentic and genuine conversations about mental health, emotional wellbeing and suicide prevention and making them available to every person living in Australia. https://www.pukaup.com/

#205: Leah Lipschitz | Making Mindfulness Meaningful

With the world in a spin, 2020 is testing everyone in some shape or form. Today I am so thrilled to share Leah's message with everyone as the world needs to embrace it big time. Leah Lipschitz is a passionate educator and advocate for mindfulness, holistic education and play as vehicles for personal and social change. Her professional experience in the field of education has deepened her belief in the power of mindful awareness and compassion to transform school communities, organizations and team environments. Hailing from her background as a collegiate athlete and coach and as a current Boston Public high school teacher, Leah understands and values the importance of connecting mind, body and heart to help individuals and organisations live fully and maximise their potential. Leah is a licensed Physical Education teacher as well as a certified L2 Unified Mindfulness coach and certified yoga instructor. Twitter - @mindfulnessHPE Linkedin - Leah Lipschitz

#204: Hadleigh Fischer | The Resilience Agenda

This week I have the pleasure of connecting with Hadleigh Fischer, who is the founder of Resilience Agenda. Resilience Agenda is one of Australia’s fastest-growing mental health awareness brands. Founded in 2017, Resilience Agenda develops stylish gift items, practical online content and engaging seminars that make sharing the idea of good mental health more relevant, engaging and inspiring. With a background in Human Resources, and drawing on a powerful personal story, Hadleigh’s vision is to Change the Meaning of Mental Health through the idea of Mental Fitness. Over 20,000 supporters across Australia have now jumped on board, and the movement continues to expand around the world. Hadleigh’s passion is to inspire everyone to think of their Mental Fitness just as like they do their Physical Fitness, and to make looking after their mental health more positive, pro-active and preventative. You can hear Hadleigh on Resilience Agenda Radio on your favourite podcasting platform, discover Mental Fitness Insights at www.resilienceagenda.com or get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or at letstalk@resilienceagenda.com

#203: Brooke Neal | All About Balance

Today's guest Brooke Neal should have been at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics the day we recorded this episode. She was one of the Black Sticks (New Zealand Women's Hockey Team) most decorated players for the last decade, but due to COVID19 and the state of the world, she was able to take me up on a much more appealing offer to be a guest on this week's podcast. It all started for Brooke on the grass at Kensington Park in Whangarei in New Zealand. She was three years old when she first picked up a hockey stick and hasn't put it down since! Brooke would like to think that hockey is just one of the things that have shaped her life, along with her career and a fantastic support network. A lanky 15-year old whose nick name was 'baby giraffe' to having the honour of wearing the black singlet for New Zealand at the Rio 2016 Olympics, and playing over 170 games for her country. Brooke spends her spare time eating, paddle boarding, beach-ing, yoga-ing, watching home and away and spending time with friends and family. In 2013, she graduated as a Sir Edmund Hillary Scholar from the University of Waikato with a Bachelor of Communications, and since returning from Rio, Brooke has become an Olympic Ambassador. Through visiting over 180 schools, she has found her passion for helping young girls who are in the same boat as she was at high school, to support them through such a transformational time and help them find a sense of balance. Brooke immersed herself in self-development courses, books and podcasts, completing "The Female Leader" course run by Altris in 2016, and the "Conscious Boss Bootcamp" in 2017. Brooke is excited for this next chapter of her life with her company 'All About Balance NZ' now that she has retired from professional sport. Im sure everyone will take something away from today's fun and an insightful podcast chat. To reach out to Brooke and find out more about everything she is doing, you can do so on the links below: http://brookeneal.co.nz/ https://www.instagram.com/brookeneal1/ https://www.instagram.com/allaboutbalancenz/

#202: Colleen Callander | Former Sportsgirl CEO

This week I have the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with former Sportsgirl CEO Colleen Callander. Colleen is an inspiration to all generations and wants to encourage women globally to believe in themselves, their ability, share their voice, take action and bring equality into boardrooms, organisations, communities and even into the home. Colleen shares her story from starting at Just Jeans as a 16-year-old with a part-time job, and how hard work, passion and energy had her never looking back. Three decades later, she was the CEO of one of the most iconic fashion brands in Australia. Join me as I share Colleens inspiring story and message in this week's Energetic Radio episode. https://www.instagram.com/olliecallander/ https://www.instagram.com/mentorme_women/

#201: David Prosper | Connected Leadership with Love

Empowering, dynamic, revolutionary, and effective are a few words to describe David Prosper. After growing up in an abusive home, David made the decision to stop the cycle of poor leadership and violence. Instead, he chose to relentlessly educate himself on how to lead effectively. David believes when leaders get better, relationships get better, families get better, communities get better, the government gets better, churches get better, schools get better, and the world gets better. David has educated a wide variety of audiences throughout the country on the topics of; Healthy Relationships, Effective Communication, Revolutionary Leadership, Connected Leadership, The Neurological Connection, and Human Behavior. David is the Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer of the faith-based, leadership-development company - Shepherd Revolution, where he engages, equips and empowers leaders to transform their organizations from the inside out. David is an award-winning speaker and leadership strategist on a mission to change the world, one organization at a time. Davids TEDx - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0x1pJB6PeCw ShepherdRevolution prosper@shepherdrevolution.com

#200: Dale Sidebottom | The Double Hundred

Woo Hoo, the double hundred!! Who would have thought that when I started this podcast over four years ago as a way to get people moving through story-based adventures that I would have hit 200 episodes. The journey has had its ups and downs and is something I can sit back and truly say that I am incredibly proud of. In today's episode, I will be sort of interviewing myself and sharing what I have learnt about myself, others and the journey of learning and speaking to some of the most insightful people around the globe. Healthy Minds Positive Vibes 2.0 - https://summit.jugar.life/ Thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to today's episode and the previous 199. If you have any feedback, comments or advice for the next 200 episodes, please feel free to reach out to me on the social links below. https://www.instagram.com/dalesidebottom/ https://twitter.com/DaleSidebottom dale@energetic.education

#199: Dr Jenny Brockis | Waking Up Feeling Healthy & Confident

Talk about an all-star guest for episode 199. Today I am thrilled to share this brilliant interview with the fabulous Dr Jenny Brockis. Jenny is a medical practitioner and board-certified lifestyle medicine physician, specialising in brain health and mental performance. She works to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves by translating the findings of the neuroscience and positive psychology into simple, practical tools that enable people to work smarter, not harder. Jenny has three decades of experience of working with people. She understands that while intentions may be good, changing behaviours is not always easy! An international speaker, trainer and author of now four books, Jenny is frequently sought after as a commentator in the media and has had many articles published in a variety of magazines and journals. Jenny is a world-renowned keynote speaker who is in very high demand. With the pandemic in full flight, today's episode is one that will help people of all ages across the board. https://www.drjennybrockis.com/

#198: Stuart Wilkinson | Master Coach 2.0

Last year I had the pleasure of sharing Stuart Wilkinson with you all. The feedback from episode 130 was incredible, and the great coach has agreed to come back on the show to share his knowledge, passion and wisdom with us once more. Stuart is regarded as one of the best youth development coaches in the world. This isn't just in the field of rugby league either. As you will hear today, in this outstanding interview, Stuart is a modern-day coaching superstar. The insight and wisdom that Stuart shares today on life, building relationships, engagement, coaching at the grassroots level and also professionally and much more are going to blow your mind. After listening to Stuart today, please reach out on either Twitter or Linkedin and let him know how big of an impact this has had on you, as it is game-changing. Here is where you can find the great man on both platforms. Twitter @Cronbach_Alpha9 Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/stuart-wilkinson-914a552b/

#197: Kirsty & James Greenshields | Taking Yourself Beyond Resilience

This week's podcast has been taken from a recent webinar that Kirsty and James did for our healthy minds positive vibes summit. The content was so powerful and uplifting that I had to share it with you all on the podcast. In today's episode, you will explore a holistic approach to shifting any situation towards a harmonic outcome. Kirsty and James use their experience from the family home, battlefield to boardroom to provide a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual platform to take you Beyond Resilience. Kirsty and James Greenshields, are co-founders of Resilient Leaders Foundation. Together as a dynamic team, they have touched 1000's of Australians with their open-hearted approach to life, and their positive example of how to live a life of impact. They've also reached 1000's internationally through the power of social media, others' podcasts, and have been regulars on some international radio and internet radio platforms. They met while both serving as officers in the Australian Army. Kirsty left her career as an intelligence officer in 2002 to pursue a career in health and created a successful naturopathy practice. James retired from military service in 2010, after returning from service in Iraq in 2006/7, as the commander of over 100 troops. During his tour, his armoured vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. When he returned, aside from his shrapnel wounds, most of his wounds were unseen. He experienced severe depression and post traumatic stress. This began the couple's process of healing, which inspired them to eventually help others to heal. Their feel-good story of recovery, and relationship growth in the face of adversity, has featured on the Huffington Post, ABC News, The Australian Weekend Magazine, Marie Clare, and Queensland's Courier Mail. They've helped transform the lives of 100's of individuals who have attended their workshops, and they continue to assist small to large Australian organizations and associations best manage transition, leadership, communication and relationship processes. At Resilient Leaders Foundation, we use the term 'Harmonic Leadership', which is not a model, but a paradigm of leadership for a new world, outside of outdated systemic practices. The Resilient Leaders Foundation was recognized as a national harm prevention charity in 2017, and all activities are aligned with the charitable purpose of the foundation. All programs and activities have been developed as a result of the desire to contribute to the prevention of domestic violence, youth suicide, depression and familial dysfunction.

#196: Natalie West | Love, Life & Connection

This week I have the pleasure of sharing Natalie West with you who is an intimacy and relationship coach as well as a life long entrepreneur. We discuss everything from sex, love, career, social life, spirituality and nutrition. All these aspects of our lives are intertwined. Natalie is passionate about life, relationships, wellness and health coaching. Natalie has qualifications in clinical behavioural science and applied clinical hypnotherapy. She is also qualified in the areas of neuro-com programming, clinical hypnosis, public speaking, group meditation facilitation, physical & psychological conditioning and performance coaching. She also holds experience in the areas of orthomolecular nutrition, mindset coaching & holistic health. https://natalieewest.com/ https://www.instagram.com/natalie.e.west/

#195: Dana Kerford | The Power of Friendships

Welcome to another week of the podcast with an episode that EVERYONE needs to listen to at the moment. 2020 has not been the easiest of times for anyone, and that's why today's guest Dana Kerford is here to help. Not only is Dana full of energy and fun, but she is also one of the best in the business with building, fostering and creating lasting and meaningful friendships. Dana Kerford is a friendship expert and the Founder of URSTRONG. Dana's career as a teacher began in 2004 when, after settling into grade 4 at a private school in Canada, she quickly identified the intensity and complexity of friendships for young girls. Inspired by her students, Dana began researching relational aggression, conflict resolution, and the inner workings of female relationships. In 2009, Dana developed and launched the first-ever GirlPower friendship program, teaching her students how to foster a community of kindness and support. The girls embraced the program and learned how to have a voice in their friendships, improving the overall culture of the school. Dana knew she needed to devote her life to this and her husband, Michael, believed in her dream and turned GirlPower into a company. Since then, Dana has worked with tens of thousands of girls, parents, and educators in schools and community-based venues across Canada, the United States, and Australia. In 2012, Dana wrote and published her first book, The Friendship Project – a workbook for parents and tween girls. During that time, every co-gendered school she went in, the #1 question she heard was, "What about the boys?" After extensive research on the social dynamics of boys, Dana created a pilot program and conducted sessions with hundreds of tween boys in 11 schools across three countries. In 2014, she launched GirlPower's brother program, GoodGuys – the first-ever friendship program for boys. In 2016, Dana and Michael were invited to an exclusive conference on gender equality at the White House to share the successes behind GirlPower & GoodGuys. This experience led them to rebrand the company to URSTRONG, a friendship program for children. Dana has a team of Presenters that she trains and coaches and is involved in every aspect of the business. Media outlets around the world regularly interview her; in magazines, newspapers, and been a guest on numerous television and radio programs. Dana speaks at International Education Conferences and has presented at the Positive Education Schools Association Conferences around Australia, the Positive Schools Mental Health & Wellbeing Conferences in Asia and Australia, The International Conference on Education in Hawaii, and the Girls Empowerment Network 'We Are Girls Conference' in Austin, TX. Dana has been nominated for awards such as the Top 40 Under 40 and won awards including Entrepreneur of the Year, Mompreneur Momentum Award, and Girl Advocate of the Year. URSTRONG was also recognized in 2017 by the Government of Alberta, winning the Inspiration Award for URSTRONG's leadership in bullying prevention in schools. https://urstrong.com/ https://www.instagram.com/urstrong.friendship/

#194: Mark Williams | The Master Coach

Mark Williams is regarded as one of the best coaching minds and mentors in the land. An All Australian AFL Player & Coach, 200 AFL game player, Captain of Collingwood and a Premiership Coach with Port Adelaide, AFL Life Member and most recently Mentor to Dustin Martin. Mark is an Experienced Teacher who presents engaging, insightful and challenging workshops that will delight your diverse workforce. He makes difficult concepts easy to understand by his use of unique practical, inner sanctum visual aids. After more than 30 years of Coaching and Mentoring, this Master Coach will inspire you to be better and at the same time, entertain your team. Business of Winning www.championteams.com.au One on one football Coaching – Promo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBds2IfxWc8 Booking https://www.oneononefootball.com.au/coaches/1081 Footy Videos - Mark Williams Champion Teams on YouTube or https://www.sherrin.com.au/precision

#193: Sam & Sam But Different | Covid19 Superstars

Let's face it, just about all 7,788,330,051 (This is pretty close guess) of humans have been affected by Covid19. With this being said, lately, when you talk to people about it or watch the news, it is always the adverse effects that this pandemic has had on us. That's why today I wanted to share two absolute shining lights and incredible humans in Sam Russell and Sam Ludeman. The lads were on the podcast a while back for episode 160, which gives you a great insight into their journey to where they are today. This episode is to celebrate kindness and how giving people hope when it doesn't seem like there has been a lot to celebrate. Sam & Sam But Different have entertained and dominated on the big screen for families and individuals all over the globe for the past eleven weeks. Join me this week as I share this incredible act of kindness and service to others. Sam and Sam have unique stories that have lead them back to the one thing they both have in common with their names, the love of music, and working together. If they are not selling out gigs around Australia and Asia, then you can expect these two legends to be singing and recording and mastering their craft. https://www.instagram.com › samsambutdifferentband https://www.facebook.com/samsambutdifferentband https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSammyR/videos

#192: Angie Greene | Stand Up As ONE

If you are looking for inspiration, passion and energy, then you simply can't afford to miss my chat this week with the super impressive Angie Greene. Angie is the founder and CEO of Stand Up Events (SUE) Melbourne Inc, which is a not-for-profit incorporated association dedicated to fighting sexual and gender discrimination in Australian sport. Angie shares her journey and family story behind the idea to create a company to help so many people around the world who feel they don't have a voice. We talk about travelling, the struggles of creating a start-up, and so much more. This episode is an excellent reminder that you can achieve anything with passion and hard work. Angie is an inspiration, and her energy is infectious. https://standupevents.com.au/ https://www.instagram.com/gagagreene/

#191: Dale Vincent Hancock | Raw Confidence

What happens when you mix two Dales with crazy amounts of energy on one podcast? The answer to this will unfold in this week's fantastic interview with Dale Vincent Hancock. Over the years Dale has had the privilege of impacting and encouraging over 50,000 students in over 100 facilities worldwide, spoken in Parliament formed a partnership with Nike to create "Just Do It" Confidence workshop for kids and wrote a #1 Amazon bestseller. That being said, Dale love's to encourage children and adults along their empowered journey to success and happiness, especially throughout these strange time. This episode is jam-packed full of golden nuggets that will put a massive smile on your dial. If you would like to reach out and contact Dale after today's podcast you can do so on the links below: https://dalevincentcoaching.com/ https://www.instagram.com/dalevincentcoaching/ https://linktr.ee/dalevincentcoaching

#190: Lenita Abouchabake | The Wellbeing Warrior

Lenita Abouchabake is the Founder of The Wellbeing Warrior Project. She is a Youth Empowerment Expert and National Speaker with a diverse background in youth education and leadership. Lenita has taught, coached and mentored hundreds of students both within Australia and the United States. She is a graduate from the University of Sydney, a trained Health and Physical Education Teacher. Lenita is also a certified Academic Life Coach and Teen Mentor. She has worked with one of the leading summer camps in America and collaborated with many public, private and independent schools in Australia. Lenita currently oversees The Wellbeing Warrior Project and travels extensively across the world, continuing to deliver her message to young people. http://www.wellbeingwarrior.com.au/

#189: Greg Mitchell | Mr Enthusiastic Himself

Last month Greg Mitchell was an international education consultant delivering workshops and conference keynotes to schools and teachers all over the place. This month Greg is learning the whole new language of online delivery to teachers and schools from his spare room! While this change has not been as brutal as the time he lost everything he owned in one night in Cyclone Tracy, this COVID19 change has challenged all of his previously held beliefs about how the world works and tested his renowned enthusiasm for life. It has also brought into laser-like focus Greg’s frameworks for thinking about how to deal with what the world has to deliver. Greg’s concept of four major mindsets rather than simply two will give an incredibly practical insight into how to deal with the challenges that lay before us. http://www.gregmitchell.com.au/index.html

#188: Sandi Herrera | Delivering Happiness

Sandi Herrera is on a mission. Her passion is to improve children's education by fostering strong school cultures. She is an entrepreneur, inspiring thought leader, and school culture coach transforming the culture of education across America. Sandi is the Founder & CEO of "Got Core Values", a nonprofit designed to deliver executive leadership coaching and school-culture consulting with the objective to teach school communities how to create their unique core values and infuse those common values into every facet of school life. Sandi's career focus has been "culture first", knowing that a positive working and learning environment is the key to success. She discovered her passion and her niche as Culture Ops Diva at Tony Hseih's (Zappo's CEO) company Delivering Happiness. Today, she helps educators reconnect with their inspiration and use that inspiration to connect with their students through active engagement- not just education. She is helping schools become healthy, happy, engaging places to work and learn! A TEDx speaker, Sandi is a highly sought-after thought leader, talk-show guest and speaker who has inspired attendees at various education seminars across the country. Her volunteerism includes being an active board member for Vegas PBS, the Women's Engagement Council, What's Next Nevada, as well as Create a Change Now, Girls in Tech and the Andson Foundation. Sandi earned her dual Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Marketing from California Lutheran University. She is one of 400 global certified Organizational and relationship System Coaches, one of less than 300 global Talent Dynamics Performance Consultants and one of the 13 Founding Genius School Global Educators. Sandi brings a wealth of knowledge both from the private sector as well as her work within K-12 and higher education on what it takes to create high-performing strategies for the success of the entire school community. http://gotcorevalues.com/founder/

#187: Mark Collard | Building engagement remotely

I want to welcome Mark Collard back to the podcast for his second episode as a guest. Mark's first episode was number 37. A lot has changed since then, but Mark is still on a mission to inspire and empower as many people as he can. Mark is a people-person, and he love's an audience (In-person or remotely through Zoom). Mark brings a natural warmth and energy to everything he delivers, from experiential-based training and team development programs to voice-over and speaking engagements. Today Mark shares how he has been able to stake his skills, and expertise for building engagement and fun through the remote lense. This episode will be great for teachers, coaches and adults who are looking for fun ways to make their next Zoom or Skype call more memorable. In 2012, Mark launched an online adventure platform playmeo.com, which is a professional development business which features an ever-expanding online database of group games and activities, with step-by-step instructions, video tutorials and lesson plans for 380+ ice-breakers, energisers, name games, trust & team-building activities. You can contact Mark through Playmeo, and if you use the code 'ENERGETIC' when you check out, you can get 50% of your membership.

#186: Richard Colman | The Dream Roller

Richard Colman was born in 1984 with Spina Bifida. Richard took to sport at a young age he was involved in many sports before the love of athletics took his full attention. Richard continues to play wheelchair basketball in the local Geelong league and regularly swims as part of his cross-training. Richard started athletics in 1995 quickly developing. He made his first state team in 1996 for the Pacific School Games. Richard has competed regularly since at major national and international level competitions. Richard first competed for Australia at the 2002 IPC world athletics championships in Lyon France where he came away with a Bronze medal in the T53 400m, two years later Richard won a Gold in the T53 800m and a Silver medal in the 4x100m at his first Paralympic Games in Athens. In 2006 Richard won a Bronze medal in the T53 800m at the IPC World Athletics Championships in Assen, The Netherlands. In 2008 Richard won a Silver medal in the T53 200m and a Bronze in the T53 400m at the Beijing Paralympic Games. In early 2009 Richard spent six months travelling Europe competing in a number of countries. During this trip, Richard managed to visit thirty-two countries. Richard has now visited sixty countries with the aim of reaching 100. In 2010 Richard competed at the commonwealth games in Delhi India in the T54 1500 winning a silver medal. In early 2011 Richard won his first IPC World Athletics Championship Gold medal winning the T53 800 and also a silver medal in the T53 400m. Also in 2011, Richard won the T53 400m Gold medal at the IAAF world championships in Deagu South Korea. Recently at the 2012 London Paralympic Games, Richard won a Gold medal in the T53 800m and two Bronze medals in the T53 400 and in the T53/54 4x400 relay. During the 2013 IPC World Athletics Championships Richard stepped up in distance in which he races winning a bronze medal in the 5000m and 400m and a narrow 4th in the 1500m. 2013 saw Richard focus on the marathon finishing 9 Marathon with 3 Personal bests while recording the 5th fastest time for the year in the world. Richard currently holds a number of Australian and Oceania Records. Away from the track Richard has completed a Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin University and has also completed a number of other qualifications. Richard became the first person in a wheelchair to umpire an AFL match when he officiated as a goal umpire in the Geelong Football League in 2007. Richard also spends countless hours coaching and mentoring new and developing athletes to help them achieve their dreams whatever that may be. During 2014 Richard became the first person in a wheelchair to travel down the famous Death Road in Bolivia during his postseason holiday to South America. Richard coaches regularly at various locations around Victoria and is helping the next generation of athlete achieve their dream. Richard has set himself a number of goals he is slowly working towards not just in the sporting world but in all walks of his life. Richard will continue to try and prove to people that anything is possible if you have a go and always dream big. www.colman.com.au @RichardColman84 www.facebook.com/RichardColmanAthlete www.youtube.com/user/richardcolman84 https://instagram.com/richcolman84/

#185: Jonathan Creek | Behind the Camera

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of being introduced onto the TEDx stage by today's guest. Jonathan Creek was one of the most entertaining and fun MC's I have had the pleasure of viewing live. We instantly hit it off and have been in regular contact since. Today's chat is a lot of fun as well as incredibly insightful as Jonathan has lived a fascinating life to date. As an award-winning Investigative journalist, Jonathan knows how to communicate with audiences from the stage in a way that shifts their thinking, has them challenging what they know and leaves them feeling inspired to do more. Jonathan knows it's not about him or even his journey, but 100% about those in the crowd and the actions they take with the tools and knowledge he shares. By de-mystifying online video and revealing the secret formula to mass consumption content, Jonathan is looking to transform people, particularly the way they tell their stories. You can reach out to Jonathan through the following avenues: https://www.jonathancreek.co/book-me https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.creek/ https://www.instagram.com/thecreeky

#184: Melo Calarco | The Mindful Mover

Melo Calarco learned to manage highly challenging and stressful situations, build mental endurance and rise above adversity from his life lessons on the road where he cycled, trekked and travelled over 30,000km’s around the planet on his mountain bike. He traversed Africa, Asia, India, Nepal, Europe and North America, along the way he had to overcome many obstacles and demanding encounters, including near-death experiences. While travelling, he has also immersed himself in the meditative and spiritual practices from the remote corners of the globe. He now shares that deep experience in his professional role as a certified performance coach and mindfulness facilitator with corporate CEO’s, managers and directors of large companies, as well as sporting professionals, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and individuals that want to be the absolute best at their craft. You can reach out to Melo through the following avenues: Online 6-week Mindfulness course (70% off)- https://melocalarco.teachable.com/p/mindfulness-for-stress-reduction-and-improved-performance Brand New Website- https://melocalarco.com/ FREE Meditations on Insight Timer app- http://insig.ht/mindfulmooves Linkedin Profile- https://www.linkedin.com/in/melo-calarco/ Instagram Profile- https://www.instagram.com/melocalarco_coach/ Facebook Profile- https://www.facebook.com/mindfulmooves/

#183: Ange Foley | AFLW Superstar

Today's guest is someone that I have been trying to get on the podcast for a year or so now, and Im so grateful that it has happened. Ange Foley is not only a superstar on the field where she is a two-time premiership star with the Adelaide Crows in the AFLW. Ange is also doing incredible things in the education space as well, which we touch on towards the end of the podcast. In today's chat, we talk about the rise and progress of her career and how things have changed in the AFLW since round one 2017. Ange shares the sacrifices and dedication she has had to make over the past four seasons that has allowed her and her teams mates to be the only two time premiers in the competition. Ange talks about being a role model and how the game has had such a positive impact on her life. If you would like to reach out to Ange after today's podcast and thank her for giving up her time to come on the show you can do so here: https://www.instagram.com/foley88/ Email - angela.foley3@outlook.com

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